Monthly Spotlight - January 2021

Happy New Year from Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate! As we reflect back on 2020, we remain grateful for many things. Real Estate transactions amidst the pandemic have been, and still continue to be, a bit of an adventure for sure. That said, we've adapted by modifying many of our processes for the well-being of our clients, our agents and our staff. These changes have enabled us to thrive within an otherwise difficult situation. And through it all, we were able to assist more clients in 2020 than in the previous year. We hope you'll continue to trust Patterson-Schwartz, and rely on our expertise, as we navigate the new year - TOGETHER!  

Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate Plaque - Market Update

Market Update
A Local Perspective

The housing activity 2020 compared to 2019. COVID-19 created some challenges and disruptions in 2020, but our local market was amazingly resilient to the initial effects of the pandemic.

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