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Catherine Savastana

Catherine Savastana
Brandywine Office

Direct Contact:
Licensed in: DE
Toll Free: 800-220-7051
Mobile: 302-293-5850
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About Catherine Savastana

Catherine Savastana combines expertise with genuine care, creating a gold standard in real estate services. Licensed in Delaware since 2015, Catherine's commitment to her clients goes beyond mere transactions. She is renowned for her professional, caring, and good-humored approach, always ensuring that those she serves feel valued and understood. Clients have often marveled at her patience, emphasizing that with Catherine, it feels like you're buying a home with a trusted friend. 

Her knowledge about the market and her easy-going nature makes the potentially challenging journey of buying or selling a property feel seamless and enjoyable. With a dedication that extends beyond business hours, Catherine is celebrated for her efficiency, honesty, and an innate ability to turn any property transaction into a positive, memorable experience. 

When she's not working, Catherine enjoys hanging out with family and friends and has a passion for cooking. Off-duty, she can often be found sitting on the beach reading and has a special fondness for animals, especially her German Shepherd, Heidi. 

In an industry teeming with choices, Catherine Savastana stands out as a paragon of authenticity and dedication. If you're on the hunt for an agent who not only understands your needs but deeply cares about fulfilling them, reach out to Catherine and embark on a journey where your dreams take center stage. 

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