Take Your Career To The Next Level


If you are an experienced REALTOR® that is considering a move to a supportive atmosphere, then you should really get to know Patterson-Schwartz!

“I’m interested, but I’m worried about making the transition and disruption to my business. All of my clients know me as working somewhere else.”

Many real estate associates know a change is right for their continued success. They delay making the switch because of worries about down time and the perceived loss of business. At Patterson-Schwartz, we recognize your concerns! Our Leadership Team is skilled at developing a personalized transition plan just for you to prevent the challenges that traditionally come when making a switch. Our goal is to minimize the down time and delays so you can focus on your business! That’s what we do!

Remember, your success is dramatically influenced by the brokerage you align with. As independent as you are, you need a brokerage with a strong local brand that:

  • Consistently exceeds customer expectations
  • Is intuitive enough to provide you with the tools and support you need before you have to ask for them
  • Driven by its core values

The time is now!

Contact Justin Kierstead to find out how to better your business.

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