The 2023 Color of the Year, and How to Use It

It's that time of the year when paint companies and color experts weigh in with their top color pick for the new year. And for Benjamin Moore, that color marks a bold departure from recent years.

While for 2022 Benjamin Moore selected a soothing, muted shade of sage green, October Mist, this year's color hails from the high-energy realm. Raspberry Blush is a vibrant, attention-getting shade of red-orange that will instantly add life to any room—the ultimate pop of color.

The company admits that color experts had to push themselves out of their comfort zone in selecting this color, deciding upon a shade that makes a bold statement after originally selecting a softer color palette. And Raspberry Blush certainly does just that, conjuring up images of a summertime popsicle or a tropical garden.

According to Benjamin Moore, while neutral colors on walls serve as the backdrop for bolder shades that take a starring role in a room's decor, this year, they wanted the wall-paint color to command the stage. The choice is a nod toward the trend of maximalist style and increasing color confidence. Here's how to use the color in your home:


Create a high-energy living room. 

Using Raspberry Blush in your living room is an ideal choice if you love to gather with friends and family and entertain regularly. The color will energize your space and make your living room the life of the party.


A cheer-filled dining room. 

Since the color is certainly invigorating, it's best suited for the social areas of your home, such as the dining room. With its infusion of reds and pinks, Raspberry Blush provides a warm, flattering rosy glow that is wonderfully suited to gathering around the table for a meal.


Stand-out architectural details. 

Put the interesting architectural details of your home, like chair rail, wainscoting and moldings, under the spotlight by painting them in this stand-out color. Benjamin Moore recommends painting the entire wall from top to bottom—details and all—in Raspberry Blush for an artistic and provocative look.


If the above ideas seem a little too daring given the bold nature of this hue, use Raspberry Blush for an accent wall or on built-in shelving to add new life and character to any room.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2023. All rights reserved.


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